Driving on Compressed air is the Green Tech invention of the year 2021

Interview Greentech Festival 2021

High-pressure air engines are the way to the future for the propulsion of all vehicles and vessels that currently run or sail on diesel, petrol or gas (sea shipping excluded). 10 years of development preceded this. It is possible that all engines will receive emission-free emissions through this technique. In the Netherlands alone, all cars, vans and trucks must be destroyed over the next 10 years. For the simple reason that they cannot be converted from liquid fuel to electric or hydrogen engines. All engines in vessels must be replaced. This is a huge economic catastrophe for the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Driving on air (with a fuel engine): is that possible?
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No emission

Solution Air BV can significantly reduce emissions through its high-pressure engines, creating more space for livestock farming, road construction and housing construction.
The objectives of Paris and the climate agreement of the Netherlands can also be achieved more easily without enormous financial efforts from government, businesses and citizens.

Use of existing engine

Our product is based on preserving the engine and converting it in such a way that it belongs to the highest environmental class we know, completely emission-free.
How do we convert all engines, this applies to both petrol engines and diesel engines. Engines that run on LNG can be converted in the same simple way.

A minimum range of 600 km

The very high-quality air bottles that we use have an air pressure of 600-800 atmospheres. Because of this we can be very variable in the distance we can drive, delivery vans must be able to drive 630 km as standard.
If you add an air bottle, they can drive 1,000 km. Thanks to this technology, we don't have to destroy 10 million vehicles and vessels.

No loss of vehicle traction

By using the existing engines with retention of the gearbox behind it, we can guarantee that you will not have any loss of torque.

Full tank (air) in 4 minutes

You can recharge your car or van in 4 minutes at our petrol stations. We achieve this because our filling stations have high-pressure air bottles with 1,000 atm.
The tank in the vehicles for the high pressure air motor is 700 atm. Because of this overpressure, your tank is reloaded in 4 minutes and you can drive 600 km or more again, depending on the number of air tanks the customer wants in his car.

Low conversion costs

The current engines, petrol or diesel, can be converted to high pressure air engines. This means that the current fleet can simply enter the inner cities again and that we do not have to destroy it.


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