air motor

SolutionAir has joined forces with the municipality of Terneuzen, which provided us with a location to introduce the first delivery van in the Netherlands that runs on compressed air to the press and guests.

The alderman of Terneuzen Mr. J. Vervaet welcomed all guests and of course the press. Terneuzen is proud to be the first municipality in the Netherlands to purchase 2 delivery vans that run on compressed air. Alderman Vervaet sees in this new technology that it will make an important contribution towards the future to create a sustainable and cleaner world, without losing our mobility.

Terneuzen thus has a pioneering role throughout the world. Terneuzen has ordered two delivery vans with a charging installation in order to be able to refuel a delivery van in 4 minutes.

mr. K. de Waardt, director of Solution Air BV, stated that this new technology would change the fuel world forever. Any engine that runs on diesel, petrol or gas can be converted into a high-pressure air engine for little cost. There is no need for vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and all engines in vessels to be destroyed within the next ten years. Diesel and petrol and gas engines cannot be converted to electric or hydrogen engines or only at very high cost. In 2025, only zero-emission vehicles will be allowed to drive into city centers. By 2030, this will no longer be allowed in more than 50 cities. All vehicles that still run on diesel or petrol are then worth nothing. We can prevent this with our technology, even if your vehicle or vessel is 10 years old, Solution Air will completely clean your engine. Messrs Snoodijk were also present, they also bought 2 delivery vans with a charging installation. They have a garage in Axel and will take care of all the conversion for Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. They are also members of the board of the Bovag.


Above left: Frank van Boven and Anita Verwey (PVV Nissewaard),
Right Klaas de Waardt together with Jochem Sprenger (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)

We were honored to have the inventor present, Mr. Vito Truglia. He showed us through a presentation how all this is possible and how it works. He has been granted patent rights for his invention for 164 countries. After the presentation, he invited us to take the airbus for a ride. Everyone was amazed that the engine ran so smoothly on air. Press and guests all drove along for a while to experience that driving with an air motor is very relaxed. They still wanted to know a lot, luckily enough people from Solution Air were present, such as Mr. R. Standaert, also director at Solution Air.

Due to the overwhelming interest, we had to give a second presentation in the afternoon. This time, these were all entrepreneurs who, of course, drove along and had many questions. It was recognized that this is a path to the future that certainly offers perspectives for a more sustainable world.


Above left: Rudi Standaert and Vito Truglia
Bottom left: Jochem Sprenger (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)